2020 Connectivity Benchmark Report


For the fifth annual Connectivity benchmark report, MuleSoft surveyed 800 IT leaders from across the globe on the state of digital transformation and integration. The research was conducted from October to November 2019 across the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan. Respondents include 800 director-level+ leaders at companies with at least 1,000 employees across both public and private sectors.

While nearly every enterprise is undertaking digital transformation, 85% are slowed down by integration challenges. Download the latest report to find out:

  • Why data silos are hindering digital transformation initiatives
  • What happens when teams use APIs to tackle integration challenges
  • Which API strategy approach enables the highest rates of innovation and productivity

Key Takeaways

Data silos are slowing digital transformation

Digital transformation remains top of mind for IT leaders as they struggle to meet customer expectations. Data silos and increasing pressures on IT are among the top challenges slowing transformation initiatives.

89% of IT leaders say data silos are an obstacle to digital transformation.

Organisations are reaping the benefits of APIs

IT leaders are turning to APIs as the tissue that integrates their applications, systems, and data. Organisations that take this approach are realising increased productivity, innovation, revenue, and more.

80% of IT leaders say their organisation uses public and/or private APIs.

IT teams with an API strategy drive greater business outcomes

Organisations that adopt any form of API strategy — whether it is project-by-project or mandated by leadership — complete more business initiatives, increase innovation, drive productivity, and more.

89% of organisations that use APIs also have some form of strategy in place.

Top-down API strategies are the most effective

API strategies that are mandated by leadership drive the highest rates of productivity and innovation and are able to expand integration skills to teams outside of IT.

Organisations with a top-down API strategy are 67% more productive than those with a bottom-up strategy.

Please download the latest report to find out more the state of digital transformation and integration.


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