Electronic Smart Label


Lenovo PCCW Solutions understands the complexity involved in running a network of retail stores and holds a wealth of experience in market dynamics and diverse customer behavior. With our IT expertise and strong on-the-ground technical support, we provide high quality and reliable technology to let retailers focus on serving their valued customers.

Evolving technology is profoundly changing consumer shopping behavior. Consumers nowadays are constantly connected to the internet through interactive devices, information on products and pricings is at their fingertips. To engage customers and drive sales conversion, bricks and mortar retailers must provide e-retailer levels of information and a more rewarding in-store experience, especially at the shelf edge where purchasing decisions are made.

Designed to operate within all areas of store, the Electronic Smart Label (ESL) is built on LCD and Electrophoretic display technology, offering full graphic capabilities to display any combination of text, images, logos, 1D/2D barcodes and QR codes. It is available in 5 sizes with 180° viewing angles, and in black & white or 3-colour options. With low power consumption, the device can provide up to 5 year battery life.

Features and Benefits

  • Accurate and consistent pricing
  • Agile and dynamic campaign
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Utilized store-front space
  • Complete management and visibility
  • Future proof

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