Logistics and Delivery Management

Delivery and Warehouse management services

Our B2B, B2C, cross-boundary and forwarding services facilitate distribution of goods from manufacturing plants in mainland China to clients in Hong Kong or beyond.

Lenovo PCCW Solutions warehouses are well managed and equipped with the latest logistics information system, which enables an array of services including storage, inventory control, pick and pack, repackaging, labelling, fulfilment reports and generation of management reports.

RFID-enabled eLogistics management system

RFID has been integrated into our self-developed eLogistics Management System to capture logistics data. Throughout the automation process, the eLMS is able to carry out stock-in, stock-out, physical count and update stock movement to fulfil inventory level and stock-out records and replenishment.


Reliable and highly-secure logistics solution

With our extensive experience in last-mile delivery and a pool of long-term partners, we provide reliable tailor-made distribution solutions to meet customer requirements. Our warehouses are air-conditioned and equipped with security access systems, while benefiting from 24-hour security patrols and CCTV, as well as security alarm and fire sprinkler systems.

Comprehensive and proven logistics management solution

Our RFID-enabled eLogistics Management System (eLMS) consists of modules such as the Order Management System, Warehouse Management System, Resources Management System and Asset Management System, which covers end-to-end operations in a distribution centre.

Unique competitive edge

Superior project management

We combine an agile and dynamic project management methodology with an industry-leading benchmark for completing projects on time, while avoiding risks that may hinder project completion.

Robust customer interaction centre

We provide a single point of contact and problem resolution. Drawing on existing infrastructure, we provide instant 7x24 multichannel communications during the project, providing friendly and efficient support at all times.

Strong IT and management support

Thanks to Lenovo PCCW Solutions' sophisticated resources and strong management backup, we are able to apply IT systems to capture and use timely data to enhance information transparency for clients. A resourceful backup delivery fleet will also meet tightly-scheduled projects and other contingency arrangements.

Customer benefits

  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Enhance labour productivity
  • Decrease safety stock levels
  • Enhance security capability
  • Eliminate transaction errors
  • Maximise utilisation of resources

RFID System

RFID is a type of contactless automatic identification technology that identifies target objects and captures data by means of a radio signal. This wireless barcode-type technology eliminates the need for human intervention. RFID differentiates a barcode system by being waterproof, antimagnetic, resistant to high temperatures and durable. The system also provides long-range reading, encrypted data, data storage capacity and the ability to rewrite data. Innovative application of RFID is likely to change the face of the retail and logistics industries.

Our eLMS II is already integrated with this latest RFID technology to capture logistics data. Throughout the entire automation process, we are able to conduct stock-in-stock-out and other processes much more effectively and efficiently.

Lenovo PCCW Solutions provides a comprehensive RFID solution based on:

  • A genuine understanding of end-user needs
  • Consultancy on logistics flow
  • Logistics systems analysis
  • Practical solution design
  • Provision of RFID reader and antenna
  • Provision of RFID tag and corresponding printer
  • Hardware installation, configuration, testing and inspection
  • Tailor-made middleware to suit business logic
  • Systems integration

RFID middleware module includes:

  • Supports multiple platforms (eg Windows, Unix and Linux)
  • Multiple-language user interface
  • EPC Gen 2 ready
  • ALE compliance
  • Graphical user interface (GUI) administration
  • Supports user add-on filtering rules
  • Ready to connect to EPC global network
  • Ready for load balancing and failover
  • Reader & device manager adaptors for commonly used devices (eg readers, printers and PLC)