Driving HR Transformation to Redefine Employee Experience

Successful organisations are leveraging innovative human resource systems to build people-first culture, enhancing employee engagement, retention and productivity. HR professionals seek to digitalise HR processes to meet current and future talent demands and to offer a seamless employee experience.

Enhanced Talent Management

By integrating cutting-edge technologies and data-driven strategies, Lenovo PCCW Solutions provides a holistic HR platform to drive employee engagement and transform HR practises. The platform provides easily accessible job boards for career opportunities, as well as pre-employment background checks to meet compliance requirements. With a user-friendly mobile app, global employees can quickly apply for leave, check payroll, and access training programmes anytime, anywhere.

Seamless Workforce Planning and Engagements

The cloud-based HR system includes a variety of reporting tools and engagement modules that offer HR teams with full visibility of the workforce performance and capabilities to foster employee growth. The platform also supports people managers to set development goals and build high-performing teams that align with business strategies. The next-generation HR technologies help build future-ready organisations, improving business agility and reinventing employee experience to be employer of choice.

Watch the video to discover the innovations in driving business-driven HR transformation.


Read the case study to learn how PCCW Group achieves global HR transformation with a unified platform.

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