Information is one of your most valuable assets - but protecting it can be a major challenge. Our experienced team of security experts cover all security needs - from designing and building security solutions to day-to-day security management. Services include virus protection, intrusion detection systems, managed firewall services, system hardening, ISO 27001 consulting and security incident response. Customers can conduct operations with minimal risk, knowing that their system is secure and in competent hands.

Our proactive services, which include managed firewall services, managed IDS services and managed VPN services, will ensure security infrastructure is maintained at optimal status and is able to detect suspected intrusion attempts and generate alerts in real time.

In the event of a security breach, enterprises must be able to respond and recover from damages. Our incident-response services will attend to such breaches with our team of experienced professionals, so that customers can quickly resume business.

Based on our experience in security management of a variety of external and internal projects and with well-known security standards, we have established a structured security practise and response procedure in network and server security control and management. We give you the ultimate security solution.

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