Flight Information Display System allows users at airports to view flight arrival and departure information. Flight information is also provided to government departments, airlines, and franchisees, licensees and tenants of the Airport Authority, as well as users in other parts of Hong Kong. In addition to the Hong Kong International Airport, we've also helped another airport in mainland China to design and establish its Flight Information Display System.


Flight Information Display System is a real-time display system built on the latest Java Web technology. It provides bilingual interface and flexibility to allow access anywhere.

Lenovo PCCW Solutions is familiar with airport operation and sophisticated technologies related to flight information display systems. Our experience in display device control, especially in format design, contributes to the success of winning customer trust and appreciation.

Service scope

Lenovo PCCW Solutions provides the following services for the aviation industry:

  • Consultation

  • Design, implementation and deployment of the system, integration with GPS clock system, and installation of auto public addressing system

  • Project management

  • Maintenance and support for both hardware and software

  • 24-hour customer service and fault reporting

The solution enables airport operators to provide world-class services for travellers who can access real-time flight schedules and related information.

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