The Internet of Things presents an enormous opportunity to transform the way we live and the way we do business. More and more technologies will be interwoven seamlessly with the real world, promising improvement to our quality of life and security, whilst at the same time fundamentally disrupting business and society as we know today. Lenovo PCCW Solutions’ outstanding delivery capability, along with our Infinitum IoT platform can help you generate business value from this technology.


A secure, trustworthy and accessible Farm-to-Plate platform for provenance and supply chain orchestration, comprising of digital technologies like IoT, blockchain, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

Critical transactions along the supply chains could be documented, creating permanent history of a product, from farm to plate. The platform provides consumers and businesses with accessible and verifiable information about the products’ origin, journey and impact. It empowers businesses to collaborate with global partners confidently and efficiently. The platform can dramatically reduce time delays, costs, and human error in transactions.

The solution can be extended to all important goods to deter counterfeiting and improve maintenance capability.

Value Proposition
  • Gain confidence on the traceability of materials
  • Enhance efficiency by orchestrating the collaboration of all the supply chain parties including sellers, buyers, banks, couriers and regulators
  • Promote products with accessible and verifiable information to consumers and partners
  • Make informed buying decisions with verified key information

Cold Chain Solutions

In temperature-controlled supply chains or cold chains, end-to-end visibility becomes even more critical. IoT solutions ensure the location of the fleet can be tracked and provide warnings to businesses by real-time alerts if temperature setting varies.

Value Proposition
  • Allow businesses to maintain the integrity of perishable shipments
  • Meet customer requirements and industry regulations

Smart Parking and Charging

The electric vehicle market growth is gaining pace as city drivers are reaping the benefits of electronic driving. The uptake of electric vehicles brings enormous growth potential to various businesses within the ecosystem.

Combining outstanding delivery capability with industry expertise, Lenovo PCCW Solutions has developed Smart Parking and Charging solution on the world-class Infinitum IoT platform that enables shopping malls, commercial and residential buildings, as well as telecommunication and public utility companies to deliver seamless experience to the modern drivers and capitalize on business opportunities.

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Value Proposition
  • Designed from ground-up to be modular yet integrated, and interoperable
  • Enable operators with existing automotive infrastructure to expand their scope of services by simply integrating the automotive APIs without the need to completely overhaul their technology stack
  • Consist of four major components including mobile app, Smart Parking, Smart Charging and Customer Management

IoT EAS Retail Solution

Lenovo PCCW Solutions recognizes that use of barcode technology as the tagging element of an EAS system is simply not sufficient. Our approach is to integrate RFID and EAS into one tag to achieve merchandise visibility and loss prevention in a single solution. The result is a powerful synergy created by two technologies working in tandem – in a typical Internet of Things (IoT) scenario that does not require human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

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Features and Benefits
  • One tag performs multiple tasks, boosting efficiency at the point-of-sale and achieving cost effectiveness
  • Retailers have greater visibility of what is stolen, enabling them to replenish stock in an efficient manner
  • The solution has the intelligence to “ignore” tags from other retailers
  • Apparel retailers now have the intelligence to distinguish between casual shoplifters, thieves operating professionally or organized gangs, so they can respond accordingly