Audio and Visual Solutions

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PCCW Solutions is experienced in providing audio and visual (AV) services to Hong Kong's performance and broadcasting industry. We have more than 35 years of experience serving Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) as well as performance venues in civic centres, town halls and theatres of the Hong Kong SAR Government. We provide total solutions for studio design, AV system set up, project management, system maintenance, on-site recording, post-production and provision of master copies. Apart from providing solutions for traditional audio and visual recording, editing, mastering and broadcasting, we facilitate the delivery of audio and visual content through its broadband Internet network, a seamless convergence of communication technology. A user-friendly, multimedia conference room equipped with video-conference functionality is now a necessity for business presentations and inter-office meetings. We understand your requirements and specialise in providing modern and appropriate audio/visual systems, video-conference systems and even simultaneous interpretation systems for business requirements and company image promotions. Also, we have a proven track record in providing live distribution of AV images from one point/office to multiple points/offices.

Unique competitive edge

Our commitment to quality explains why public organisations and private enterprises rely on Lenovo PCCW Solutions to provide audio and visual solutions. They rely on our strong technical services and proven experience to support their uninterrupted operation and for performances that cannot afford any faults during live broadcasting. In recent years, we have participated in producing and broadcasting important events such as the 1997 Reunification, the Opening Ceremony of the Hong Kong International Airport, the Lantau Link, etc.

Service scope

Lenovo PCCW Solutions provides the following services:

  • Design, installation, operation, and maintenance of various sound, video, lighting and stage equipment and systems
  • Installation and round-the-clock operation, maintenance, upgrade and support of sound and television studios
  • 24-hour facility management of transmitting and receiving systems
  • Consultation
  • Project management
  • System integration
  • Production and operation of a variety of shows and special events
  • Excellent and cost-effective AV shooting, recording and creative editing services
  • Multimedia materials and CD/VCD/DVD production to facilitate promotions or record special events

Customer benefits

Customers can enjoy the following benefits by using Lenovo PCCW Solutions' audio and visual solutions:

  • Uninterrupted operation for audio and visual systems and management of transmitting and receiving equipment
  • Cost-effective and reliable solutions
  • One-stop-shop convenience for design, installation, operation and maintenance services from a single provider backed by strong IT and telecom experience