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RFID is a type of contactless automatic identification technology that identifies target objects and captures data by means of a radio signal. This wireless barcode-type technology eliminates the need for human intervention. RFID differentiates a barcode system by being waterproof, antimagnetic, resistant to high temperatures and durable. The system also provides long-range reading, encrypted data, data storage capacity and the ability to rewrite data. Innovative application of RFID is likely to change the face of the retail and logistics industries.

Lenovo PCCW Solutions provides a comprehensive RFID solution based on:

  • A genuine understanding of end-user needs
  • Consultancy on logistics flow
  • Logistics systems analysis
  • Practical solution design
  • Provision of RFID reader and antenna
  • Provision of RFID tag and corresponding printer
  • Hardware installation, configuration, testing and inspection
  • Tailor-made middleware to suit business logic
  • Systems integration

RFID middleware module includes:

  • Supports multiple platforms (eg Windows, Unix and Linux)
  • Multiple-language user interface
  • EPC Gen 2 ready
  • ALE compliance
  • Graphical user interface (GUI) administration
  • Supports user add-on filtering rules
  • Ready to connect to EPC global network
  • Ready for load balancing and failover
  • Reader & device manager adaptors for commonly used devices (eg readers, printers and PLC)

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