Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy comprising covering sales, marketing and customer service. The objective of CRM is to optimise profitability, revenue and customer satisfaction. CRM is not a type of technology, although technologies are critical to enabling CRM strategies. CRM technologies enable greater customer insight, increased customer access, more effective interactions, integration throughout all customer touch points and back-office enterprise functions. The success of CRM implementation involves changes to processes, culture and organisation.

Unique Competitive Edge

With Lenovo PCCW Solutions' vast hands-on experience in deploying CRM solutions within our company, we understand the difficulties that may occur during the implementation process, especially in terms of the change of business process. We can assist the customer in business process re-engineering and change management. We are proud to offer our knowledge both as a CRM user and a system integrator to help customers align to the best practises. We have proven our expertise in managing many complicated CRM projects, including the Hong Kong SAR Efficiency Unit, Hongkong Post, and a major bank in Hong Kong.

Operational CRM

  • Marketing Automation

  • Customer Services Automation

  • Sales Force Automation

Analytical CRM

  • Data Warehousing/Data Mining

  • Revenue Management

  • Performance Tracking

Service Scope

Lenovo PCCW Solutions professional services includes:

  • Project management

  • Requirement studies and analysis

  • Technical design and deployment

  • System installation and customisation

  • System integration and user acceptance testing support

  • Testing and quality assurance

  • User training

Marketing Automation

  • Reduce costs and time to run marketing campaign

  • Enable multiple-channel customer interface and facilitate customer profile analysis

  • Enable tailor marketing channels to target customers

  • Create personalised campaign to target customers

  • Enable up-selling and cross-selling of products and services over customer life cycle

  • Track marketing performance in real time

Customer Services Automation

  • Help call centres transform themselves into revenue-generators, delivering personalised , compressed 7x24 service at a lower cost

  • Drive down costs through proactive service and self-service that provides customers and partners with information before making expensive phone calls

  • Empower your agents to respond quickly, accurately, consistently and professionally through a universal view of all customer interactions and knowledge base

  • Communicate with customers via the channels they prefer, enhancing customer satisfaction

  • Web-based J2EE architecture designed to scale and adaptable with your business as it grows

Sales Force Automation

  • Provide sales team a holistic customer view to yield more meaningful interactions with customers and prospects

  • Increase efficiency among sales staff, allowing more time to be spent on customer prospecting, and identifying profitable opportunities

  • Facilitate sales opportunity tracking, competitors analysis and revenue forecasting

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of marketing activities

  • Allow sharing of the most up-to-date and appropriate reference materials on centralised platform

Data Warehousing

  • Generate demand

  • Retain customers

  • Search for the right customers with target market development

  • Data search and query analysis - attract and retain customers through events management, customer management and customer contact management tools

  • Enhance profitability with sales/turnover/profit contribution analysis

Revenue Management

  • Assess current business performance, and measure against pre-defined targets/goals

  • Identify problematic areas and deviations that require remedies

  • Predict business performance for further planning

  • Help the company to better position itself in a competitive landscape

  • Assess revenue opportunities and thus increasing the revenue potential

  • Ensure more cost-effective returns

Performance Tracking

  • Enhance performance and effectiveness of sales teams through better management and effective measurement and review

  • Fast-track order completion

  • More efficient commission calculation

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