Data Analytics

From big data to big value, Lenovo PCCW Solutions enables businesses to turn data into actionable insights. Using advanced algorithms and AI-enabled techniques to analyze the integrated data, our real-time analytics tools and intelligent systems empower businesses to make more precise predictions and smarter business decisions.

Customer Analytics

By unlocking the values of customer from analyzing their profile, buying behavior, consumer comment and preference – with capability of technologies, enterprises are able to define the customer strategies handily, deliver personalized and instant message to engage the customers as well as bring them interaction experiences.

Value Proposition
  • Develop targeted campaigns and offerings across multiple sales channels
  • Enhance customer engagement by right channels and personalized content
  • Boost effectiveness of campaigns and financial return
  • Increase customer satisfaction by understanding customer sentiment
  • Consultancy service and full integration with other analytics solutions

Solutions Highlights

Big data analytics is about exploration and discovery to improve data-driven decision making. A large part of big data.

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In the era of big data growth, IoT adoption and demand for real-time analytics are rapidly expanding.

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