Travel and Transportation

Organisations in transportation industry are in need of sophisticated systems to manage their assets, information, operation and surveillance, in order to provide timely, relevant and high quality services and information to the end users.

Lenovo PCCW Solutions delivers highly-sophisticated systems for transportation operators and airports based on extensive experience in transportation industry; enables service providers to furnish passengers with accurate and comprehensive service information in real time.

Disruptions & Opportunities

The adoption of digital technologies enables T&T operators to deliver services more safely and efficiently, with intelligent networks and greater automation. Smart mobility could create a more seamless, more efficient, more comfortable travel experience that accommodates the needs of various commuters.


The TAMS is an intelligent digital platform that fully automates track access allocation for routine maintenance and engineering work planning. Equipped with AI and analytics capabilities, the system can optimise track access allocation planning, as well as built-in safety rules to perform conflict checks depending on safety criteria.

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Digital solutions enable airport operators to improve operational processes and passenger services along with realignment of organisation functions.

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Leveraging virtual reality technology, Lenovo PCCW Solutions provides Control Tower Simulation System to simulate today's air traffic environment supporting the aviation bureaus on preparation, progress, record, playback and evaluation of training of the air traffic controllers to meet the increasing demand of air traffic.

The solution is designed from ground-up to be modular yet integrated, and interoperable. Operators with existing automotive infrastructure could expand their scope of services by simply integrating the automotive APIs without the need to completely overhaul their technology stack.

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Our all-round solutions and services to the Civil Aviation Department include consultation, hardware and equipment supply, installation, technical operation and round-the-clock maintenance. We also provide surveillance and communication solutions and maintenance services for the Marine Department.

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With thorough understanding of the workflow and operation of the transportation operators, Lenovo PCCW Solutions provides Tactical Control System, an integrated communications technology to optimise, modernise and future proof the control centres to unify and dispatch operation commands timely.

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