PCCW Solutions has been providing engineering services to Hong Kong SAR's Civil Aviation Department for more than 40 years. We contribute to safe and efficient air-traffic operations at Hong Kong International Airport.

We also provide solutions for port communications, navigation, surveillance and management systems, and maritime search-and-rescue systems.

Our all-round solutions and services to the Civil Aviation Department include consultation, hardware and equipment supply, installation, technical operation and round-the-clock maintenance. We also provide surveillance and communication solutions and maintenance services for the Marine Department.

  • Lenovo PCCW Solutions provides turnkey systems for the airport:

    Air-to-ground and ground-to-ground communication

    Navigation aids

    Surveillance via radar systems and precision runway monitors

    Air-traffic management, including radar data processing and flight data processing systems

    Control Tower Simulation System for training air-traffic controllers

    Airport data and voice communication

    Monitoring and logging

    Low-cost backup radar display

  • For marine traffic management, Lenovo PCCW Solutions offers:

    Radar systems

    Communication systems

    24-hour multimedia logging system

    Wireless control navigation system for marine traffic lights and foghorns

    CCTV systems

  • Support flexible one-stop service

    The technical services can be provided on demand or tailor-made with professional expertise engineer. One-Stop Services are including design and build, system integration, consultative solutions and full range robust backup services, maintenance and system caring.

  • Excellent performance

    Technical services are provided in high flexibility, competitive pricing, well design and build system solutions with professional and effective project management.

Customer benefits

  • Our air/vessel traffic services systems improve airport/harbour utilisation, which in turn enhances efficiency while maintaining a high safety level in the airport/harbour

  • Solutions are built on a modular architecture, supporting gradual extension or upgrading of the system without changing the hardware. Improvement and enhancement of functions can be established by system evolution

  • High system availability and modular design minimise maintenance efforts and costs
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