Information display systems are taking on more everyday driving the new breed of flat panel displays being used for signage applications. Display technologies, such as plasma display panel (PDP), liquid crystal display (LCD), light emitting diode (LED) and even old fashioned TV are increasingly used in place of traditional media for creating sign, signage, and wayfinding system. LED information display system becomes even more popular particularly.

Lenovo PCCW Solutions provides total Information Display Solutions including:

  • LED walls and giant screens

  • Digital signage boards

  • Visual simulation/training systems

  • Video Box

Lenovo PCCW Solutions uses various types of projectors (LED, LCD, PDP, CRT, and TFT) for large screen graphics used in advertising, entertainment, and simulation. We serve customers worldwide interested in visuals for hospitality, gaming, avionic and simulation applications.

Lenovo PCCW Solutions provides total Information Display Solutions including design, installation, monitoring and content scheduling. We also provide on-site training, maintenance of the whole system, and consultation for new or expanded requirements.


  • Full-motion, full-colour, and super-brightness projectors ensuring high picture quality and clarity

  • State-of-the-art design of display systems that supports various types of contents and multiple display units

  • Professional installation and maintenance services

Support multi-applications

Lenovo PCCW Solutions' Information Display Systems can be used for both fixed installations and portable use. Mounted LED display module systems allow a wider range of applications.

Environmental adaptability

Our systems are designed to be waterproof, protected from dust, and shock proof. These characters give the systems freedom for various indoor/outdoor environments.

Excellent stability

Rigorously selected devices and standardised installation process can avoid appearance of failure..

Customer benefits

  • Capture customer attention instantly

  • Target the audience in your area

  • Create your own content

  • Schedule messages throughout the day

  • Promote community awareness

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