Financial Services

The tremendous economic developments in the Greater China region have brought both challenges and opportunities for the financial services industry. Intense competition and pressure to generate reasonable profitability with acceptable risk profiles have forced many institutions to rethink their model of growth. New business models, customer relationships and IT systems must keep up with the demands of the sophisticated global marketplace.

Financial institutions need to review and upgrade their IT infrastructures and systems to compete more effectively by boosting speed to market, which demands an efficient rollout of banking services. Key to meet this challenge is a service provider strong in technical expertise and local financial practises, making Lenovo PCCW Solutions the ideal choice.

Disruptions & Opportunities

The post-crisis regulatory frameworks have been gradually settling into place, and financial institutions have been adjusting their business models accordingly. It is now becoming obvious that the accelerating pace of technological change is the most creative force and also the most disruptive one in the financial services ecosystem today.


We offer not only digitalisation of all the traditional banking activities that customers experience in a bank branch with our applications development services tailored to meet business requirements, but also digital marketing solutions to banks, insurance companies and financial institutions to engage customers, as well as digitalisation of their internal processes.

Reach, recruit, communicate, retain and cultivate your customers at different stages of the sales and marketing cycle. Digitalisation has become a key aspect for companies of all sizes to take hold of comparative advantages and deliver results.

iVisionBanking, is the latest version of Lenovo PCCW Solutions’ flagship banking and finance system solution, which is based on the previous generations of self-developed and intellectual property owned core-banking system solution, combining the latest IT technologies in the industry with international best practises.

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Next Generation Insurance Platform offers complete end-to-end solution supporting life insurance sales process from lead acquisition, customer’s financial needs analysis, quotation and benefit illustration to product purchase on any device, anytime anywhere.

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Enabled by blockchain, or distributed ledgers, Smart Contract adoption leads to reduced risks, lower administration and service costs, and more efficient business processes. It also executes commercial transactions and agreements automatically and enforces the obligations of all parties in a contract, as well as streamlining payments of premiums and claims. Consumers will benefit from improved customer experience from more competitive products along with simpler processes.

Unlocking the values of customer from analysing their profile, buying behaviour, consumer comment and preference – with capability of technologies, enterprises are able to define the customer strategies handily, deliver personalised and instant message to engage the customers as well as bring them interaction experiences.

End-to-end security solutions from security assessment, penetration test to endpoint protection that meet stringent regulations.

It can secure valuable data and safeguard reputation from data leakage. The penetration test is the best simulation for acting real life situations of attacks towards the live environment.

Our service covers all your security needs from designing and building security solutions to day-to-day security management. Our endpoint protection solutions consist of anti-malware, intrusion prevention and firewall features.

Intelligence Threat Management System

End-to-end Security Solutions

No more passwords. Safeguard security with finger print, facial and voice. Meeting stringent regulations whilst consumers enjoy a seamless experience. Gain secured access to information and improve customer experience.

We also offer Access Control which is governed by two-factor authentication to protect customer data to perform authorisation identification, access approval, and accountability of entities through login credentials.

Customer care is number one priority in any growing business. Our round-the-clock, multi-lingual and multi-channel help desk services located worldwide enable enhancement of customer experience. With more than 20 years of experience in operating contact centre and business process outsourcing to provide end-to-end total customer service and sales solutions, we meet the highest levels of industry credentials and government regulations and compliance.

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