Businesses can now intelligently optimize how work gets done across the organization through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology. With RPA, organizations can effectively automate repetitive processes and data-intensive tasks, enabling business users to focus on higher-value work and customer-focused initiatives.

RPA enables organizations of all sizes, all users with varying levels of automation experience, to automate business processes to achieve breakthrough results.

  • Higher efficiency and productivity – bots can be run continuously 24 x 7, enabling more work to be done without output variance
  • Increase accuracy and data quality – automation can eliminate human errors, leading to higher quality data for more reliable analysis
  • Improve business results – by automating tasks, businesses can enjoy significant cost savings, increase throughput and realize ROI in months
  • Enhance customer satisfaction – bots can handle inquiries and provide faster response. RPA allows employees to offload tasks to robots so they can focus on customers and provide better services.

With a wealth of experience running IT operations across industries, Lenovo PCCW Solutions can build, manage and scale your bot workforce to enhance data accuracy, workforce productivity and operational efficiency.

Lenovo PCCW Solutions RPA as a Service (RPAaaS) is designed to help organizations accelerate RPA deployment with bots on demand and integrate RPA with AI-enabled technologies to drive business transformation. We have a team of experienced RPA experts to help clients understand current automation levels and discover opportunities for reducing operational cost.

  • Full spectrum of solutions from robotic business automation to cognitive automation
  • Comprehensive services from consultancy, implementation to business process re-engineering to advanced analytics
  • An array of industry-specific, ready-to-deploy applications available
  • On-premise to ensure no data is being transmitted outside of your organization
  • Pay-per-bot pricing to provide scalability and cost predictability
  • Regular onsite health check by qualified consultants to ensure highest quality standard

RPA use cases by functional areas


Accounts Payable

RPA can extract data from emails or PDF invoices, enter the data into accounts payable system, and send email notification to the payee for confirmation.

Accounts receivable

The bots can help generate statements and financial reports, with the machine learning capability to identify potential high-value customers and provide predictive analytics to detect risks of fraud.


Extracting relevant data from bank statements and generating forecast reports, AI-powered bots are able to detect the suspicious transactions.

Human Resources


AI-powered bots can filter job applicants, download CV, save the files into designated folders and compile reports.

New staff on-boarding

Leveraging natural language processing, intelligent bots can extract information from passports/ identity cards, enter the data into the HR system, create email and relevant system accounts for new employees.


Predictive analytics can foresee the staff turnover rate in each department and prevent high-value employees from leaving.


Helpdesk ticketing

Enterprises can leverage RPA to automate helpdesk ticketing. AI-powered bots can access to the CRM system, provide the most proximate answer to the requester’s question, and reply by email or alert along with the ticket number.


RPA can extract data from both new and legacy systems without API, and update the dashboard or system portal in seconds rather than hours

Password reset

AI-powered bots can access to the user management system to reset password, and then send the new password to the requester.



RPA bots can mimic the manual process in copying and pasting data from one digital source to another, greatly reducing processing time and improving accuracy.


Consolidating data from numerous sources in varying formats, RPA can automate information retrieval and reduce the required time by hundreds of hours per month.


Predictive analytics can foresee the staff turnover rate in each department and prevent high-value employees from leaving.

RPA use cases by industries

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Bank account

RPAaaS has incorporated with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read data from multiple documents within seconds.


RPAaaS’ cognitive automation works 24x7 becoming the key virtual colleague to meet compliance and know your customers (KYC).


With built-in cognitive analytics, RPAaaS can provide real-time notification of suspicious activities by monitoring transactions and reporting frauds


RPA can validate customers’ information from multiple systems without integration and reduce processing time significantly

Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics and Hospitality


RPAaaS analytics can analyze historical data to provide pricing recommendations for products/services, as well as conducting website research and analysis to stay competitive.

Customer services

RPAaaS can automate customer support by delivering 24x7 real-time updates from order confirmation to order tracking, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Scheduling &

Accurately and effectively extracting details from emails and systems to log jobs into scheduling systems and automate appointments scheduling.

Order to

Integrating different billing systems without API to streamline the complete order-to-cash process, ensuring businesses to receive payments upon job completion.

Communications, Media and 


Back office processes 


RPA can handle transactions and different processes, e.g. order processing, ID generation, customer data updates and numerous manual data entries with effective turnaround time and high accuracy.

Order creation and
customer satisfaction

RPAaaS can handle high-volume transaction data for order creation and process changes. It can shorten response time in addressing customers’ specific needs.


RPAaaS AI can configure different equipment based on the trained model, obtain data from different databases and conduct scheduling updates.

Agile virtual

RPAaaS is scalable and our consultants will work with you to customize the required bots based on seasonal business needs and tasks complexity.

With increasing technological complexity, testing teams are under intense pressure to test applications speedily and thoroughly before final release. Testing is an integral part of application and software development with a mission to maintain quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

New features are added to the mobile app in every 2 weeks, thus businesses have been expanding their testing teams to manage all the testing activities. However, there is a lack of talent pool in the market, and the learning curve of new team members is getting longer due to the growing system complexity.

RPA can automate the time-consuming, repetitive, manual and low-value testing processes efficiently. By incorporating artificial intelligence, RPA AI can debug and auto correct at the coding level, so that the applications can be released with new features on a weekly rather than bi-weekly basis. This enables current testing teams to develop new test cases and drive new innovations with new features and design. As such, organizations can alleviate talent shortage and the need to offshore the testing activities, and most importantly assuring the testing quality with timeliness and cost-effectiveness.

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