Cloud-Based Track-and-Trace Platform

Service Overview

The cloud-based track-and-trace platform is specifically designed for manufacturers, supply chain operators and retailers, offering them real-time visibility and goods information all the way from production floor, warehouse to retail outlets. The platform improves supply chain collaboration and visibility by enabling users to track:

  • WHAT the item is
  • WHEN the item is at any location point
  • WHY it is there
  • WHERE it is going and where it has been

The track-and-trace platform meets today’s critical need for a highly-reliable and robust solution that can track and trace flow of goods and product information from point-of-manufacture to point-of-sale via a cloud-based platform.


Real-time information

Gather real-time product information using data-capturing devices such as RFID readers and barcode scanners


Obtain critical business information round-the-clock to enable effective business status reporting

Global visibility

Connect and work with any EPCglobal standard-based network infrastructure worldwide to provide global trading partners with supply chain visibility

Lower total cost of ownership

A cloud-based platform requires no extra investment in IT infrastructure at any stage

Scalability and flexibility

An EPCglobal standard-based network infrastructure solution is fully scalable and upgradeable to allow addition of services and technologies


This independent software platform is fully interoperable with existing ERP and eLogistics Management System

High security throughout the supply chain

Ability to closely monitor the supply chain means products can be tracked from source-to-destination, helping to prevent counterfeiting activity

Service offerings

  • Genuine product authentication solution
  • Cold chain management solution
  • eLogistics Management System
  • Item level tracking solution
  • Retail management system
  • Consumer behaviour analysis

Customer benefits

Operational efficiency

Streamline the supply chain process to enhance operational efficiency and achieve greater profitability

Availability of product information

Real-time product tracking satisfies an increasing demand from global customers to have critical product information at their fingertips

Quality assurance

Establish a reliable global supply chain to ensure production and distribution of quality products and services

Delivery commitment guaranteed

Real-time tracking ensures product delivery commitments made by each link in the supply chain, thereby safeguarding client benefits

Package - Lenovo PCCW Solutions PaaS offerings

Standard service features

RFID middleware for RFID adoption, track-and-trace and Walmart interface are standard service features

Client-side hardware

Optional with extra cost: RFID / barcode reader and printer

Storage capacity inclusive in standard package

1GB / month initially

Charging scheme

Yearly subscription

Internet connection

Optional with extra cost: BB, 3G, LAN, VPN, Wi-Fi

Service support level

7 x 24 hotline support