New challenges confront the telecommunications, media and technology industries everyday in the form of intense competition, downward pricing pressures, emerging technologies and upwardly spiralling expectations from customers. The service providers are driven to find new ways of keeping costs down and streamlining processes to the optimum, while providing high-quality products and services to keep customers satisfied.

Lenovo PCCW Solutions helps service providers grow their business, boost operational efficiencies and reduce costs by tailoring solutions to customer needs, riding on its industry expertise plus an impressive track record of innovation.

Disruptions & Opportunities

The key for telecom companies to win in the digital era is to strike the right balance between digitalizing the core business and identifying new paths to growth. Within the core business, digital technologies can be applied throughout the value chain to improve the customer experience, simplify processes, and reduce costs. At the same time, companies can take advantage of technical developments and emerging customer needs to create new routes to revenue.


Media companies and content providers have valuable assets and contents for distribution. Building an end-to-end OTT platform and service to distribute these contents efficiently with scalability requires sophisticated systems, integrations and experiences.

With proven track record of providing IPTV and OTT solutions to PCCW Media running the pay TV service, Now TV, with more than a million members, Lenovo PCCW Solutions offers total OTT solutions integrated with headend systems, billing systems and other systems to enable customer to provide video streaming and media application.

Telecom players have valuable untapped asset in the torrents of information about customers that flow through the organisation. Building a 360-degree view of the customers enables better customer service differentiation and personalised recommendations in cross-sell and up-sell campaigns.

With proven track record of providing analytics-driven campaign management tool to HKT running the loyalty programme, The Club, with more than a million members, Lenovo PCCW Solutions offers total campaign management solutions integrated with CRM, POS, rate management, provisioning and billing systems to enable enterprises to retain customers and drive sales.

Combining outstanding delivery capability with industry expertise, Lenovo PCCW Solutions has developed Smart Parking and Charging solution on the world-class Infinitum IoT platform that enables shopping malls, commercial and residential buildings, as well as telecommunication and public utility companies to deliver seamless experience to the modern drivers and capitalise on business opportunities.

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Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) provides an integrated platform to support the configuration, pricing and quote generation in solution and negotiated selling processes, and can also be a key step for customer self-service sales.

CPQ consists of: a product and pricing configurator; quote and proposal generator; distribution, tracking & reviewing tools; catalogue driven configuration guides; rules or constraint definitions; and approval and collaboration workflows.

CPQ simplifies the quotation of complex products and boosts sales productivity with accurate quote and product configurations. It automates the cumbersome steps in the Quote-to-Cash process, and speeds up your response time in the competitive telecom market.

Web and mobile apps empower customers to access services and report their needs at any time. The online portals provide an effective channel for businesses to collaborate with customers and deliver better services based on customer’s preferences, behaviour, feedback and enhancement requests.

Lenovo PCCW Solutions provides customisable self-service portals on web or mobile to enable telecom companies to provide customers with a bunch of self-service options. It enables users to manage billing, appointment scheduling, submit services requests and problem tickets with 24/7 availability. The portal also allows users to carry out real-time, on-demand line tests for broadband, TV, fixed line services with ease.

It’s paramount for operators to deploy real-time billing for improved customer experience and operational agility to stay ahead of competition. Real-time billing systems allow enterprise clients and residential users to compare usage with cost, enabling them to adjust their service plan per needs.

Lenovo PCCW Solutions offers dynamic and real-time billing solutions, including rating, discounting, usage based billing, policy control, and charging tailored to telecom companies. The dynamic billing platform enables service providers to launch new services, such as service plan sharing among multiple users, converging prepaid and postpaid rating, billing and payments real-time. The seamless, configurable and cost-effective solutions enable the operators increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Many existing Field Work Management Systems rely heavily on paper and traditional land line telephone calls, resulting in cumbersome and, at times, inefficient results. In order to make these systems more proficient, Lenovo PCCW Solutions introduces wireless communication to vastly improve communication between operators and field staff. To facilitate this upgrade, all field staff are issued with a mobile handheld device to receive and report order details back to the Field Work Management System.

Lenovo PCCW Solutions Dynamic Workforce Management fits businesses with end-to-end job dispatch solutions, in order to enhance customer satisfaction. These solutions provides a front-end interface for in-house technicians and contractors for 24 hour customer support, while back-end integrates seamlessly with various ordering and reporting systems.

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