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Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and Access Control and Detection Systems provide access privileges control to access paths, doors, etc., and provide extensive surveillance. Our solutions also include the provision and installation of Door Interface Units to control security doors. These security doors can be integrated to access control system to act as fire exit doors. Technologies such as electromagnetic induction, microwave, infrared and radio are used in a variety of applications. Advanced signal processing technology allows motion detection and digital recording.

Unique competitive edge

Lenovo PCCW Solutions specialises in designing and integrating security systems with panic alarms, CCTVs, announcements and fire signals to provide efficient and effective security control and monitoring capabilities.

We have practical experience in installing and maintaining CCTV and security systems for airports, immigration counters, car parks, public performance venues, radio stations, etc. Our competency for on-time project delivery, rich solution knowledge and reputation explain why these organisations turn to Lenovo PCCW Solutions for the solutions.

Service scope

Lenovo PCCW Solutions provides all-round CCTV and security solutions to customers, including:

  • Consultation on choice of CCTV and security systems

  • Design, supply and installation

  • Maintenance support, modification and enhancement

Service scope

Customers can enjoy peace of mind when using our CCTV and security solutions because it:

  • Allows direct control and surveillance of passenger or people flow such that resources can be mobilised to handle any upsurge in traffic or unauthorised access

  • Provides security and fire-exit control for fire zones to cater for any emergency

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