Many organisations are taking unnecessary risks by neglecting business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) protection for their valuable assets.

Lenovo PCCW Solutions provides the most reliable and flexible business continuity and disaster recovery with its DR sites, Business Resumption Centres (BRC) and cloud-based disaster recovery solutions. DR sites and BRCs are well equipped with all the facilities necessary to achieve immediate resumption of normal business operations. We also provide consultancy for formulating dedicated BRC and non-stop business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

  • Eliminating planned downtime for routine maintenance operations

  • Providing higher availability of independent hardware, operating systems and applications

  • Recovering rapidly from operating system and server failures

  • Flexibility to scale up and down the resources to meet dynamic needs

  • Adapt to unplanned increase or decrease in resources provisioning

  • Full-fledged facilities include video-conferencing system and high-quality office equipment

  • Resumption of business within 2 hours with uninterrupted connectivity

  • Round-the-clock service support and security control measures

  • Full range of cloud offerings to address different business needs and lower total cost of ownership

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