Infinitum Communications Suite

Disruption in the telecom industry is driving communications service providers (CSPs) to transform themselves into digital service providers. To empower digital transformation for CSPs, Lenovo PCCW Solutions has integrated the cutting-edge technologies like 5G and open APIs to develop Infinitum Communications Suite (ICS).

Infinitum Communications Suite is a cloud-native platform with a suite of agile digital solutions to help communications service providers to quickly launch new offerings, transform digital engagement and drive operational excellence.

ICS consists of four modular components, empowering CSPs to automate and streamline the end-to-end selling, ordering and monetizing processes in delivering new digital experience to customers.

Value Proposition

Infinitum Communications Suite provides cloud-native environment and open APIs framework to enable seamless connectivity across the ecosystems to achieve agility and interoperability, empowering communications service providers to stay competitive and deliver better customer-centric services.

  • Supports rapid delivery of solutions based on microservices and cloud-native architecture
  • Adopts TM Forum’s suite of certified open APIs to achieve interoperability and extensibility
  • Orchestrate and monetize new digital services quickly to improve customer experience
  • Optimize operations with dynamic workflows and product catalog customization

We have attained TM Forum’s “Open API Conformance Certification” with a total of six certifications. Check out the certifications page and see how we leverage the industry best practices to accelerate the development of Infinitum Communications Suite, providing flexible and easily deployable integration to the services providers.

Watch the video to learn how Infinitum Communications Suite can accelerate your digital transformation journey.

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