Delivering Connected Experiences with Smart City Innovations

The smart city market is expected to reach USD2,036 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 18.22%.1 IDC forecasts that by 2025, 30% of cities will leverage automation via IoT, AI and digital twins, to blend the physical and digital, and improve the remote management of critical infrastructure and digital services.

Incorporating IT infrastructure and innovative solutions, modern cities are actively looking to optimise the efficiency of city operations and services delivery, enriching citizen experiences and enhancing omni-channel digital services.

A digital hub powered by end‑to‑end solutions

As a digital enabler, Lenovo PCCW Solutions has been driving smart city developments in many aspects through innovative technologies. We deliver smart applications to facilitate e-Government services such as identity document issuance, eTax services and foster smart economy with robust IT infrastructure.

We support smart airport initiatives and drive smart mobility across the city with intelligent traffic management. We scale IP innovations such as Infinitum Visum smart mirror and integrated smart mall platform to realise smart lifestyle and smart retail, and to enable smart environment with smart lighting and smart parking & charging solutions.

Data-driven smart city creates a more sustainable future

The smart city ecosystem unleashes great value by enabling access to data, which can be leveraged for data analytics and gaining insights to drive smarter decisions. Smart applications provide governments and businesses with visibility on citizen behaviour through big-data analytics, enabling them to deliver customised experience and value-added services to increase overall satisfaction.

Watch the video to learn how innovations can build connected, efficient and sustainable smart cities.