PCCW Group drives HR Transformation with SAP SuccessFactors


As a leading global company with diverse businesses, PCCW Limited sought a data-driven HR system to enable business agility and effectively engage with over 22,800 employees worldwide. With HR information scattered and incoherent across several HR systems, PCCW planned to embark on its HR transformation journey to improve operational efficiency and employee experience.

SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite - All-rounded HR Management

With extensive experience in deploying SAP solutions and providing technical expertise to tailor specific business needs, PCCW Solutions was appointed as the implementation partner to deploy SAP SuccessFactors for PCCW Group, transforming its HR practises through the next-generation HCM technology. The new cloud-based system is designed to digitalise HR processes and provide a single source of HR data worldwide.

Phased Approach with Seamless Data Migration

PCCW Solutions adopts a phased approach in implementing the technical aspects of SAP SuccessFactors, integrating recruiting, onboarding, performance management and employee central modules as the core HR platform. The experienced SAP consultants adopted a purpose-driven approach to ensure seamless data migration, guiding the data capture and data extraction processes from disperse systems, transform and load the data to the corresponding SAP modules accurately.

Achieve Global, Business-driven HR Transformation

With SAP SuccessFactors in place, PCCW Limited has full range of modern HR tools to manage its workforce effectively and redefine employee experiences throughout the employee lifecycle. Paper-based HR processes has been reduced, while the move to the cloud is minimising overall IT support. HR data is unified to facilitate insightful analytics and data-driven decision-making, supporting its ever-evolving business.


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