Our solution helps customers every step of the way

Lenovo PCCW Solutions offers mobile application solutions tailored to iOS and Android operating systems, running on reliable and secure server platform or cloud-based IT environment.

We help companies identify the steps they should take to enhance their mobility strategy, and plan for the physical and financial resources required. The process involves topics ranging from app design, implementation roadmap and mobile content management to app integration, security and the user experience/interface. In addition, our technical know-how covers both mobile and server application programming. We also provide consultancy on mobility roadmaps, as well as application maintenance and support.

Lenovo PCCW Solutions help enterprises maximise  business growth, along with performance and scalability. For customers who want to save an upfront investment, they can opt for a subscription model.

Features and benefits

  • Enhanced efficiency – a range of mobile communications solutions are available to boost efficiency and productivity.
  • Better time management – workflow and decision-making process becomes faster for employees who can manage their time more effectively.
  • Mobility adoption – easy-to-use interface and functions enable higher adoption of mobility among field service workers.
  • End-to-end solutions – full variety of mobile application solutions encompass the entire development cycle, from initial design and architecture, hosting and cloud consideration to development and integration into existing systems.

Big Data

Big data analytics is about exploration and discovery to improve data-driven decision making. A large part of big data analytics is use of new techniques that look into new data, or data that has been aggregated in new ways.

Such an approach enables organizations in industries such as retail, fast moving consumer goods, banking & finance, insurance and healthcare to engineer innovative business models and gain new insights into boosting competitive advantage.

Lenovo PCCW Solutions has well-established processes and procedures to help customers gain insights and derive business value with big data technologies. We start with a user requirement study to assist customers in clearly defining their needs. After analysis and evaluation, we design and recommend the most appropriate technologies to form a flexible, scalable architectural platform for big data analytics. With our ample experience and best practices, we can offer the most promising big data solution according to the preferences, industry-specific domain knowledge and budgetary parameters of the customers.

Provision of insights

consolidation of data gathered from a variety of sources. Insights from factual data are key enablers in terms of cutting costs and revenue generation.

Solid experience

Lenovo PCCW Solutions holds a wealth of experience in systems integration and project implementation, partnering with industry leaders to provide solutions which meet customers’ specific needs.

Preparation for the next step

predictive analysis facilitates the decision-making process.

Broad resources and skill-set inventory

strong technical data management know-how.

Social Media Analysis

Understand and serve customers better

With the fast growing number of social media users nowadays, a vast amount of social information is processed every second in different channels, such as blogs, forums, and social networking sites. Companies can extract the voice of customers from these valuable sources of information.

Lenovo PCCW Solutions provides integrated and well-established text analytics solutions to help companies understand and monitor their customers’ opinions through the extraction of user review comments from social media sites, such as Weibo, Facebook and Twitter.

Transform the data into valuable assets

through the social media analytics, social dialogues are converted into useful information to help companies achieve better performance and sales revenue.

Enhance crisis management

companies can identify any potential risk and damage through constant monitoring of social media. The warning signal from customers helps them faster respond to issues and problems.

Comprehend the voice of customer

all forms of social media are monitored to allow real-time monitoring of customer interactions on different online websites, such as social networking sites, forums and blogs.

Professional team

Lenovo PCCW Solutions’ professional team of analysts, data scientists and technicians offer flexible and tailor-made solutions according to customers’ requirements.

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