Lenovo PCCW Solutions provides a document imaging solution to address different perspectives:

  • Many documents are retained to comply with different retention policy. Paper documents need to be converted to images for easy retrieval and storage
  • Enhancement of operation efficiency by imaging customer documents for instant retrieval
  • Data capture by manual input, OCR or OMR

Our one-stop solution includes:

  • Document design
  • Pack, seal and delivery of documents
  • Document sorting by category
  • High-speed document scanning
  • Accurate indexing
  • Image retrieval
  • Output to media
  • Offsite storage
  • Document disposal

Key factors in document conversion service:

  • Confidentiality
    Lenovo PCCW Solutions is a trustworthy company with a non-disclosure commitment and very tight data privacy controls.
  • Availability
    Two operational sites at different locations provide contingency in terms of disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Integrity
    Physical access is checked by biometric parameters, with system access control governed by two-level authentication to protect customer data.

Knowledge process outsourcing is increasingly being recognised as best-practise knowledge management required to support both innovation and sustainability within organisations. Our knowledge process outsourcing service is designed to help organisations share, interpret and leverage the wealth of information available. Our service covers advanced information search, analytics and interpretation, facilitating customers to make timely and informed decisions. We also help customers identify key knowledge needs and bottlenecks, as well as developing an integrated knowledge management strategy to support the organizations' overall business strategy.

Lenovo PCCW Solutions has more than 3,800 high-quality staff in Hong Kong and China with extensive educational backgrounds and exceptional communication skills. We offer high-value knowledge process outsourcing service performed by highly-skilled professionals who have specialised knowledge, skills and business expertise.

Membership Management

In today's highly competitive and dynamic business environment, companies in all industries are looking at customer relationship management as one of the ways to achieve sustained competitiveness and profitability. Building customer retention and loyalty in high-valued customer segment remain the top strategic direction of many companies.

Lenovo PCCW Solutions understands your importance to identify your profitable customers and helps you develop programmes to increase the loyalty of this group of customers. We can help you build loyalty programmes to engage your customers through reward programmes, privileges, exclusive deals and offers, and social networking tools to retain profitable customers and establish long-term customer relationships to drive greater profitability.

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