ESG Intelligence Solution


With investors increasingly assessing companies in terms of their holistic performance, long-term sustainability and societal impact, environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) can no longer be overlooked. ESG practises can help companies become more resilient by getting them ready for the impact of emerging issues, and helping them maintain robust governance, risk management and controls.

With 83% of building tenants now demanding sustainable and environmental friendly buildings as a result of COVID-19i, the real estate sector needs to quickly revamp its strategies to incorporate sustainability at the core of building development and maintenance.

Improving Business Practises with ESG Intelligence

The ESG agenda encompasses reporting, strategy, and business transformation. Companies require greater visibility of an ever-broader range of non-financial metrics for evaluating and managing ESG related risks and opportunities.

Our ESG Intelligence Solution is a cloud-agnostic solution designed to help enterprises proactively monitor and measure their ESG performance, while providing intelligence and actionable insights to enhance their ESG strategies for day-to-day operations to drive sustainability and efficiency.

Empowered by artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, IoT, and DevOps, the solution can help develop a sustainable and smart energy ecosystem to reduce operational costs and improve workforce productivity.

Key Benefits

  • Enabling resource and energy efficient operations
  • Data driven insights for smarter decision making
  • Maximising resource utilisation to reap efficiency and cost benefits
  • Increasing workforce mobility and accessibility
  • Increasing asset transparency with an integrated global system
  • Reducing downtime with predictive monitoring and maintenance

Solution Components

Integrated System

Real-time asset performance management and location tracking provides sensor driven metrics at all times, and establishes historical data pipeline for AI and advanced analytics, leading to better predict maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Proactive monitoring and management enables executives to track materials and assets real-time through integrating with IoT data, enabling process and compliance optimising for inventory and stockpiling

Proactive Asset Management

Orchestration between machine data and management systems provides unified management of machine, edge computing, cloud computing, IT and operational systems

Workforce Management Tool

Data-driven maintenance and worker dispatch transforms scheduled maintenance into proactive maintenance strategies, prescribed and localised to each assets and its operation