Employees in the post-PC era no longer want to be tethered to desktop or web-based applications. They want to access information via mobile handsets and tablets anytime, anywhere. This is made possible by today’s sophisticated smartphones and other portable devices, in conjunction with 3G and 4G networks and a deluge of innovative mobile applications.

Organisations are increasingly incorporating mobility into their business strategies, identifying which users and processes should be mobilised, and securing and managing various initiatives.

Our solution helps customers every step of the way

Lenovo PCCW Solutions offers mobile application solutions tailored to iOS and Android operating systems, running on reliable and secure server platform or cloud-based IT environment.

We help companies identify the steps they should take to enhance their mobility strategy, and plan for the physical and financial resources required. The process involves topics ranging from app design, implementation roadmap and mobile content management to app integration, security and the user experience/interface. In addition, our technical know-how covers both mobile and server application programming. We also provide consultancy on mobility roadmaps, as well as application maintenance and support.

Lenovo PCCW Solutions help enterprises maximise business growth, along with performance and scalability. For customers who want to save an upfront investment, they can opt for a subscription model.

Features and benefits

  • Enhanced efficiency – a range of mobile communications solutions are available to boost efficiency and productivity.

  • Better time management – workflow and decision-making process becomes faster for employees who can manage their time more effectively.

  • Mobility adoption – easy-to-use interface and functions enable higher adoption of mobility among field service workers.

  • End-to-end solutions – full variety of mobile application solutions encompass the entire development cycle, from initial design and architecture, hosting and cloud consideration to development and integration into existing systems.

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