Multi-Cloud Management

Organizations today are implementing advanced cloud computing strategies to meet the growing digital demands, while multi-cloud management is one of the novel approaches for effective and efficient use of cloud across departments and subsidiaries. With 89% organizations have implemented multi-cloud strategy nowadaysi, Gartner forecasts that APAC IT spending on cloud services will exceed USD 116 billion by 2024ii.

Despite the fact that cloud adoption has been increasing for recent years, customers are still facing various challenges including security, data integration and cost. The use of multi-cloud platforms also brings extra workload to IT departments in terms of networking, billing and cross-platform management as there are various standards and reporting format among different cloud providers.

As a trusted multi-cloud services provider for businesses across industries, Lenovo PCCW Solutions offers a wide array of multi-cloud services for our customers to address their challenges. We provide a comprehensive Cloud Management Portal and related services, allowing customers to maintain the performance, availability, quality of service, security and compliance requirements of infrastructure, applications and business services via one platform.


Cloud Design and Implementation

Cloud organization structure advisory and implementation services are provided for major public cloud platforms with proven framework and methodology.

Cloud Management Portal (CMP)

Cloud Management Portal is available for users to gain visibility and control over the public cloud environments by user-friendly visualization and management dashboard.

Advanced Cloud Networking

Running critical applications on the cloud requires enhanced security, predictability and performance on network. With our services, you can seamlessly connect your infrastructure to cloud with a private, secured and reliable network.

Threat Detection Services

Lenovo PCCW Solutions supports our customers’ cloud security by proactively identifying threats. We continuously monitor the network activities, data access patterns and account behaviors within the cloud environment.


  • Automate the on-boarding with continuous optimization throughout customer cloud journey
  • Improve Service Level Agreement (SLA) and policy focus based on monitoring capabilities, pre-defined threshold and security requirements
  • Significantly save human resources for system operation and new service request
  • Lower the total costs of IT system maintenance by reducing administrators’ workload
  • Increase the IT resources utilization and IT performance

Cloud Expertise and Certifications

We are recognized by major cloud providers and our services are provided by a pool of accredited cloud professionals.