Public Sector

Efficiency Office: CRM and Call Centre Solutions


The project called for an integrated call centre with advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services for the Efficiency Office of the Hong Kong government. The system enables the public to dial a single number to report enquiries and file complaints about environmental and hygiene matters.

Initially, nine government departments participated: Agriculture and Fisheries, Building, Civil Engineering, Drainage Services, Electrical and Mechanical Services, Environmental Protection, Highways, Regional Services, and Water Supplies. The service will replace hundreds of hotlines. The project is valued at HK$48 millions.


By using the latest IT technology and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, the call centre provides a centralised and coordinated point of contact. The system is designed to improve responsiveness and reduce overlapping of work for environmental and cleanliness issues among departments.

Under the agreement, PCCW Solutions designed and set up the government's integrated call centre. It also provides consultancy services on creating an information database to help operators answer enquiries, as well as design the workflow and logistical support between the call centre and related government departments.

Value created

Relying on our experience in both operating the largest call centre in Asia and supplying end-to-end e-business capability, the project required system development, computer-telephony integration and business-process re-engineering.

This project is a further evidence of our end-to-end e-business enabling capabilities, which meets an ever-growing demand from the government and the public for increased operational efficiency.