Service-oriented Architecture

Service scope

Given today's volatile market, organisations must respond faster to business challenges and look to IT for flexible and speedy solutions. IT managers want technology foundations that will provide development agility and integration flexibility. Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) is often identified by IT industry analysts as a promising technology to fulfil such goals.

Our successful experience in telecommunications sector and banking environment, coupled with a well-established SOA-based Enterprise Middleware Services (EMS) framework positions Lenovo PCCW Solutions as the ideal choice of partner in the construction of a solid SOA foundation.

With customer requirements firmly in mind, a proposed Lenovo PCCW Solutions' SOA-based EMS framework will optimise and integrate with legacy applications, software packages and infrastructure.


SOA implementation can often be improved using existing system investments, rather than opting for a full-scale system rewrite. An organisation's existing investment can be optimised by taking advantage of developers, software languages, hardware platforms, databases and applications to reduce costs and risks while boosting productivity.

For instance, Lenovo PCCW Solutions' SOA-based EMS framework adopts the principles above to function as a Financial Service Integration (FSI) hub for the banking environment.

Customer benefits

Lenovo PCCW Solutions' SOA enhancement, with associated SOA EMS framework, allow our clients to deploy SOA as the future application standard for inter-operability, adaptability and fast time-to-market performance.

Our SOA strategy, unlike traditional EAI implementation, represents an evolutionary architectural approach, rather than a vendor-provided technology. Our framework functions comfortably on different technology platforms with standard protocols to maximise deployment flexibility.

With ready-to-use interface gateways and a well-structured EMS to provide an integrated infrastructure among applications and resources, this solution allows organisations to concentrate more on the design and implementation of business service objects, resulting in faster development with higher application quality. This means shorter time-to-market and lower total cost of ownership of IT Infrastructure and business services can be achieved.

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